Last Exhibition.

'Cream in my Coffee'

With echoes of Hieronymus Bosch, only cuter, this imixed media drawing teases out the fantasy from the random lines made by the cream floating on the top of a cup of coffee. My work nearly always has elements of the everyday and the imagination in it, and this work references the idea of daydreaming, looking up at the clouds, or reading horoscopes in a teacup. It explores the play between fantasy and reality that we all engage in during our waking day.

Imaginings 1 & 2. 

Here I enjoyed flirting with layers of paint to create an abstract image that would invite the viewer to imagine, see things, stay a while and contemplate.


Silk Purse

Can the work of the artist's hand increase the value of a worthless object? Just a bit of fun. Experimenting with new materials, mark making and pulling out the fantasy.

Creator of Gazoonka Fantasy Characters.





Past project.

June 2014 This was an illustration for a lesson on 'creativity'.




English Language Illustrator for a baseline project EQUIP-ELT - Education Development and Quality Improvement Project for Teacher Training for English Language Teacher Training in Tanzania with the British Council.





'Imagination is more important than knowledge'. Albert Einstein

'Creativity is intelligence having fun.'

Albert Einstein

'Disneyland will never be completed.

It will continue to grow as long as

there is imagination left in th world'


Walt Disney


PAREIDOLIA, in a nutshell, is the ability to see faces, or other things, where there isn't one.


"In his notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote of pareidolia as a device for painters, writing "if you look at any walls spotted with various stains.... if you are about to invent some scene you will be able to see in it a resemblance to various different landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys and various groups of hills. You will also be able to see divers, combats and figures in quick movement, and strange expressions of faces, and outlandish costumes, and an infinite number of things which you can then reduce into separate and well conceived forms."




These imaginings, or seeings, with the aid of drawing, become my Gazoonkas

Fran Webster's Art

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